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Posted in Gaming, Schoolwork with tags , on July 3, 2008 by James Prestridge

I recently started attending¬†college to attain my Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. As I want to eventually work in the video game industry, I am trying to relate as much of my work to video games as possible.

Posted here are the first few assignments I have completed that I was able to relate to video games, for anyone that might be interested in reading them.

The Economy of The World of Warcraft РA brief document outlining part of the economy within WoW, specifically focusing on hyperinflation.

Video Game Addiction: Is It Real? – My review of an article (article present in PDF).

Online Gaming Is As Addictive As Heroin – Another review of an article (article present in PDF).

That’s all so far. I received an A on the WoW Econ piece, and am expecting an A on both article reviews. Will post more as they are completed.