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I Hate Teenagers

Posted in Ramblings on June 26, 2008 by James Prestridge

Seriously, they’re effing whiny, selfish, stupid, inconsiderate pricks.

Don’t believe me? Check out this story.

Some stupid teenager drove his car off of Pike’s Peak in front of a crowd of tourists, reportedly after being dumped by his girlfriend. Amazingly, the fucktard lived and the people who risk their lives to save someone else’s for a living, risked their lives to save his.

So, he gets his poor teenage heart broken and decides there is nothing left to live for. Teenagers are stupid.

He decided to take his own life in dramatic fashion, and in front of a crowd of tourists. Who wants to bet that crowd of tourists contained small children? Good job, asshat. You’ve just contributed to screwing up the psyche of the next generation. Teenagers are selfish and inconsiderate.

He decided to do this after being dumped by his girlfriend. Poor effing you. Nevermind the fact that you’re a teenager, and teenagers (as a whole) go through more relationships than they do packs of socks during the same period of time. He figures that he found the one that he couldn’t live without, when we all know he would have a better chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of an effing rainbow. But that doesn’t just make him whiny and stupid, and I’ll tell you why. Offing yourself because another person doesn’t want to date you is a whole lot to put on someone, I know from experience. The girl who dumped him will never be the same, with one idiotic act he has changed her life completely. Teenagers are whiny, selfish, stupid, inconsiderate pricks.

But wait, there’s more.

He failed to take his own life. Teenagers are stupid.

Rescuers had to climb down a 900 foot summit using a fire hose to try and save this jackass, because society cares (and is also stupid). Now granted, while he couldn’t have known that he was going to live, other people still risked their lives to save his. Teenagers are selfish and inconsiderate.



Separation of Church and State

Posted in Ramblings with tags , , on May 5, 2008 by James Prestridge

May. 3, 2008 01:10 PM
Associated Press
ZION, Ill. – Steve Kreuscher wants a judge to allow him to legally change his name. He wants to be known as “In God We Trust.”

Kreuscher (CROY’-shir) says the new name would symbolize the help God gave him through tough times.

The 57-year-old man also told the (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald he’s worried that atheists may succeed in removing the phrase “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency.  

He recalls that the phrase “God Reigns” was removed from the Zion city seal in 1992 after courts deemed it unconstitutional. Zion was founded as a theocracy – by a sect that believed the Earth was flat.

The school bus driver and amateur artist in the northern Chicago suburb says he has filed a petition to change his name in Lake County Circuit Court.

I’m not sure I need to comment on this one, but this wouldn’t be a blog if I didn’t.

So, some crackpot wants to change his name to ‘In God We Trust’… Great, let him do it. In fact, I fully endorse and support the psychos out there labeling themself in such a clear way. It would make selective screening at airports a whole lot easier.

Passenger 1: In God We Trust
Passenger 2: Leeroy Jenkins
Passenger 3: I love Satan

It really has much longer reaching possibilities as well. If you were a hiring Manager, who would you call back for an interview? The dating game, who would you pick? Hell – if you were a telemarketer, you could drastically increase your odds of making a sell by just altering your talk off accordingly.

I guess the more I think about how crazy this fucker is – the less upset I am over him worrying that the “atheists” may succeed in removing In God We Trust from our national currency.

It’s not the atheists that want to remove that phrase from all of our money – it’s every person who supports the Separation of Church and State. Some key supporters of the idea include Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Supreme Court. Atheists? I don’t think so.

I am not an atheist, I consider myself happily ignorant when it comes to whether or not a God exists. However I fully support the Separation of Church and State, no matter how far from it we may be. When the people in charge of running our country end speeches with phrases like ‘God bless’, when you can get a quick boost in the latest polls by attending the right church, when you have laws influenced by a religious moral code, you do not have a Separation of Church and State.

How do we get there? I don’t have all the answers, but my first idea is to put a new spin on an old (and bad) practice – “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. If you’re in a political position, any professional display of religious affiliation will be met with a swift reprimand. And, we would be able to keep the nutjob who inspired this post from ever running for office. Woot!

It’s not perfect, but I’m not responsible for coming up with a solution for getting our country back on track with the ideas expressed in the constitution it was founded on.