I Hate Teenagers

Seriously, they’re effing whiny, selfish, stupid, inconsiderate pricks.

Don’t believe me? Check out this story.

Some stupid teenager drove his car off of Pike’s Peak in front of a crowd of tourists, reportedly after being dumped by his girlfriend. Amazingly, the fucktard lived and the people who risk their lives to save someone else’s for a living, risked their lives to save his.

So, he gets his poor teenage heart broken and decides there is nothing left to live for. Teenagers are stupid.

He decided to take his own life in dramatic fashion, and in front of a crowd of tourists. Who wants to bet that crowd of tourists contained small children? Good job, asshat. You’ve just contributed to screwing up the psyche of the next generation. Teenagers are selfish and inconsiderate.

He decided to do this after being dumped by his girlfriend. Poor effing you. Nevermind the fact that you’re a teenager, and teenagers (as a whole) go through more relationships than they do packs of socks during the same period of time. He figures that he found the one that he couldn’t live without, when we all know he would have a better chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of an effing rainbow. But that doesn’t just make him whiny and stupid, and I’ll tell you why. Offing yourself because another person doesn’t want to date you is a whole lot to put on someone, I know from experience. The girl who dumped him will never be the same, with one idiotic act he has changed her life completely. Teenagers are whiny, selfish, stupid, inconsiderate pricks.

But wait, there’s more.

He failed to take his own life. Teenagers are stupid.

Rescuers had to climb down a 900 foot summit using a fire hose to try and save this jackass, because society cares (and is also stupid). Now granted, while he couldn’t have known that he was going to live, other people still risked their lives to save his. Teenagers are selfish and inconsiderate.



2 Responses to “I Hate Teenagers”

  1. you had me at I hate teenagers…. no real need to justify that statement imho. The only people that do like teenagers are teenagers.

  2. I have two living with me. It’s not easy by any means. Thankfully one of them is leaving this August but I’m sure she’ll be back next summer. The other one’s a boy. He’s not too bad compared with the girl.
    My marriage is barely surviving these years.
    I think there should be some sort of pre-parenting course or book that clearly outlines the pitfalls of living with teens to any prospective parent before they become pregnant. That might be better than birth control.
    I think teens would be wise to remember these teenage years and consider them carefully before they decide to have any kids of their own.
    I think it is easy for one to fall into the delusion that one’s own children will be different, that their own children will somehow be easier.
    One thing I can safely attest to is that most teens that I’ve encountered have very similar problems with minor variations. It’s those of us who live with these teens that must absorb the many manifestations of the teen tempest.
    I don’t think it’s humanly possible to truly be prepared for the onslaught.

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