It Begins

Installed and patched EQ2 with no problems earlier this week. Created a character, played through a couple of the intro quests and honestly, really enjoyed it.


Enter Keeras. Half-Elf Troubador, named after one of my favorite EQ1 toons.

The character creation process was great, loads of customization options. I really enjoy that you get to pick the class you want to play at level 1 instead of level 20, but at the same time I always throught the character maturing from a basic Scout into a Bard and finally into a Troubador was a very neat way to get people attached to their characters. Which way is better? Depends on how you define better. I would guess that SOE had a reason for changing the character specialization process, and that the change has been justified by their subscription numbers since making the change as it’s still in place.

As a Half-Elf, my toon started his life in Faydwer, the continent that most of my EQ1 toons started off (and spent much of their time) in. But instead of appearing on a random rise in the city of Kelethin as would have been the case in EQ1, I was placed in a small Fey village (safely on the ground, might I add. How many people were introduced to their first death in EQ1 before ever finding the main lift in Kelethin?) in need of some assistance with Grobins (Goblins) and shrillers (worms).

The few quests involving Grobins and shrillers got me up to level 4 in fairly short order, and that’s where I left off.

More to come as I have more time to play. I believe Karl has started a toon to monitor my progress, which is fine by me. Maybe he’ll actually play and I’ll be able to tell of more adventures than my own. We’ll see.


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