Challenge Accepted

I’ve yet again become pretty bored with my game of choice (WoW). While looking around at different options yesterday, I came across an interesting idea.

Make a commitment to play 1 character in 1 MMO for 1 year, and blog about it. Knowing me, that will be a very difficult thing to do. I have a hard enough time just playing 1 game, let alone playing 1 character. And blogging on top of that, everyone who has this link knows how lazy I am about blogging.

But, I really like the idea. As I want to break into the gaming industry with my career, I had better start contributing to the community somehow.

As for picking the game, I thought that would be very, very difficult. I’ve played practically every MMO released, so picking a game that’s new to me doesn’t really work. This weekend I had dinner with a couple friends who are very active Everquest 2 players. Talking with people about an MMO is an easy way to get me interested in it, if only for a moment.

Yesterday, I was going through a list of MMO’s I would be interested in playing again. Everquest 2 is the game I am most interested in right now, that will run decently on my system. On top of that, the new living legacy promotion that they have going on seals the deal.

So, I’m going to start playing Everquest 2 again. I’ve never leveled a character into the 20’s in Everquest 2, so it’s practically new to me. I’m going to start blogging about my game experience on a weekly basis, for at least a year. I’ll make another post about my character and whatnot after logging in, but that may be a couple days away (stupid school). For the time being, that’s what this site is going to be used for.

That’s all I got. I’m excited about it.


3 Responses to “Challenge Accepted”

  1. Cool! Thanks for the link 🙂

    I’ll be looking forward to reading your adventures! This is a pretty fun time to be in EQ2. The upcoming expansions looks, from rumors, to be something all levels can enjoy, so it will definitely be a great time for new players to get into the game.

  2. rofl

  3. I bet you can’t do this even to spite me

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